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28 Old Shore Court
BT38 8WN

Carrickfergus Based Photographer and Painter, specialising in Modern, Photographic Montages, and Coastal Landscape Painting.

Commissions welcomed from private and corporate clients.

Work available online and from St. Georges Market every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Creative Process

Most of my work is painted on a wet canvas, and I primarily choose to create with enamel paint and metallic inks, using my hands to apply the paint directly to the canvas. Although messy, I love the immediate, hands on and tactile effect I can achieve... simultaneously creating smooth diffused areas of colour, and marbled pools of ink and enamel which dry to look like swirling water or brooding skies.

I do use brushes, too, and especially love using old well worn bristles to flick and spatter layers of colour on to the canvas' surface. Layer upon layer of colour, gloss on top of gloss, work together to create my signature rich, inky and jewel like palette. A palette that speaks directly to my life experiences - dramatic and ragged Irish coastlines, battered with salty waves and deep oceanic tones - and to Asia, with it's rich cultural heritage, bold reds, and fire tones. 

With my hands, brushes, inks and enamels, I create my own interpretations of clouds, sea and landscape. Both real, and imagined, these locations and moments in time can have an abstract or impressionistic feeling. When my washes of metallic inks dry, they reflect light in to the image itself and I feel this perfectly captures the dancing light I often experience when walking on the Coasts of Northern Ireland... a special kind of magic, drama and moody tension. I want to evoke emotion in the viewer and let them imprint their own feelings, experiences and memories of their favourite place, on the piece.

My studio is small, but mighty, and houses everything I need. It's my place to create, and I spent a large part of each week locked in with my canvases, starting new pieces and working back in to older ones... it's my happy place, somewhere I can truly lose myself to my ideas and memories...