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28 Old Shore Court
BT38 8WN

Carrickfergus Based Photographer and Painter, specialising in Modern, Photographic Montages, and Coastal Landscape Painting.

Commissions welcomed from private and corporate clients.

Work available online and from St. Georges Market every Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

About Me

Born in Singapore to wonderful Malaysian and Northern Irish parents, Sharon emigrated back to the Emerald Isle over forty years ago, and her home has been on the Antrim Coast ever since... her rich cultural heritage has had a deep influence on her art and the paintings she makes. The deep jewel tones of her palette speak to her Asian roots and early life in Singapore, and her fascination with the Sea from her life in Northern Ireland, learning the Irish folklore and mythology (in particular, mermaids). 

Sharon fondly recalls family holidays when she was a child, visiting the North Coast, Scotland and Ireland and her intense excitement of watching her Father take photos on his Polaroid camera, waiting for the images to evolve before her eyes. It is this fascination with landscapes, capturing moments in time, and photography that sparked a life-long love of making art through her Fine Art painting practice, and taking photographs of her surrounding landscape and landmarks. 

The age of Digital Photography has meant Sharon no longer has to wait for an image to develop when she takes a photo, and it's this facility that lets her experiment with strong contrasts and modern filters. Reimagining familiar landmarks and landscapes in her own contemporary way has lead to her to develop her popular collection of Landmark Montage's which are a huge hit with all the visitors who pass through St. Georges market in Belfast, where Sharon regularly sells - and has done for over nine years. The connections made in the market, the craic and history make it one of the best indoor Artisan Craft markets in the world, and a Belfast institution!

Whiterock Beach, Northern Ireland.

Whiterock Beach, Northern Ireland.

Sharon loves to travel, and has done so extensively, and this has a big impact on her work, constantly sparking ideas about how to turn her experiences in to new paintings. She spends a huge amount of time - whenever she can sneak away - walking the rugged Coastlines of Northern Ireland, in particular the famous North Coast...braving every kind of weather under the sun!

In contrast to her photography, Sharon's Fine Art painting practice taps in to that excitement she felt as a little girl watching an image develop... a slower process of layering acrylic paint, enamels and metallic inks on canvas and allowing the colours to mix and mingle together, both through painstaking brush application, and with layering and laying the paint on as puddles - moving the canvas to create movement and texture, in it's own way, that truly evokes a feeling of water, sky and land. Sharon's subject varies, and includes figures (both real, and mystical), flower forms and landscapes but the unique painterly movement, moody colour palettes, contrasted with cheerful bold colour remains constant in all her works.

Sharon is at Belfast's St. George's Market every Friday, Saturday and Sunday and you can see her most recent original paintings, prints and montages or have a chat about Commissioning something special. Additionally, her paintings are often exhibited around the country in Galleries, Craft Shops and unique venues. Please check the events page for the most up to date details...